It takes a village to raise a child and we are yours! VillageOSHC partners with schools Australia-wide to keep children safe and happy, offering outside school hours care as parents work or study. We specialise in providing high quality, affordable and safe options for families who need Before School Care, After School Care and School Holiday Programs. In addition, our schools benefit through a generous return that will advance the whole school community.

Our values are simple but important:
Empowerment, Safety, Fun, Play and Respect.

In our care, children make new friends, build on old friendships, get exercise, eat healthy food, embrace their imagination, and have loads of fun in a safe and respectful environment.

About VillageOSHC

About VillageOSHC's Goals

Outside School Hours Care

Safe Children

Outside School Hours Care

Happy Families

Outside School Hours Care

Beneficial Partnerships

About VillageOSHC


  • 1Qualified Educators who are part of your local community
  • 2Generous revenue for schools that benefit the whole community
  • 3Ultimate flexibility in bookings & cancellations
  • 4Effective and reliable communication with the school community
  • 5A strong focus on safety, respect and empowerment
About VillageOSHC


Respectful relationships are safe, secure and trusting. Children recognise and respond to respectful interactions. At VillageOSHC, we maintain consistency between the school and our outside school hours care service with regard to the school rules of respect for others, respect for the environment, and respect for property. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and all voices are heard to foster a sense of security and belonging. Respect for others is the cornerstone of our society and teaching children to respect and be respected is an important aspect of their development.

It takes a village to raise a child and we are a big part of that village. Our support of your school community is essential for families and we ensure our quality services are accessible to every family in your school community whenever they need us.
About VillageOSHC