Enrol and book now via LookedAfter, the VillageOSHC booking platform. LookedAfter is Government approved, highly secure and user friendly. Create an account for your family for free, and manage all your VillageOSHC bookings 24 hours a day! Book up to one minute in advance online, access fees and service times, update your details, and more! You’re in control of your information, and your changes are recorded instantaneously! It couldn’t be easier!

In your VillageOSHC LookedAfter account, you can update personal information and safety data as often as required.

This information can include emergency contacts, allergy and anaphylaxis information, custody orders, etc. So as life changes, so can your details recorded with VillageOSHC, as often as you require.

Before you enrol your family at VillageOSHC, ensure you are registered for Child Care Subsidy by visiting myGov.


Play-based learning is the cornerstone of the Framework for School Aged Care. Children have a say in their activities at VillageOSHC, motivating their enthusiastic participation. We offer indoor and outdoor opportunities, both high and low energy. We offer a range of activities for all interests, abilities and needs, to build confidence. Our qualified Educators guide children who can't decide what to play or with whom to play. We make sure it's fun for all!