Healthy relationships start with a sense of respect, empowerment and security. Our programs are designed to compliment the school’s initiatives to develop the whole child in preparation for future success. We follow the critical My Time Our Place Framework which guides a safe, flexible, imaginative and happy environment for children.

Families deserve anxiety-free child care arrangements for their children. Safe and happy care for children does not happen by chance. VillageOSHC processes are embedded in our absolute safety philosophy, and a cornerstone of fun, respect and empowerment, to ensure each child is seen, heard and nurtured in our care.


VillageOSHC has meticulous procedures in place to ensure all children are cared for in a way that encourages a feeling of security and confidence. Our processes and procedures are embedded in our absolute safety philosophy, and ensures each child is seen, heard and nurtured in our care.


  • ComplianceCompliance is a critical element of delivery safe, high quality care. Our documentation processes are rigorous, our certification meets all the requirements of the National Quality Framework, and our audit processes are regular and thorough.
  • Performance ManagementPerformance management plans are in place for every service. Consistent quality improvement is a large part of our regular performance management reviews
  • ReportingTransparency is vital in any good partnership. You will be kept up to date with the operation of the service, the Department of Education will always have all reports required and outcomes will be shared with all stakeholders.


Parents need to be able to support their family without the added pressure of their child being unhappy to attend Before or After School Care or Holiday Programs. Therefore, fun is the number one priority for kids. At VillageOSHC, children have a say in the activities in the program, activities are many and varied, active children have the opportunity to engage in sports, creative children can embrace their artistic and imaginative side and if they want some quiet time, there are cushions and a library to absorb themselves in a good book. At VillageOSHC there is something for everyone! We want your child to look forward to spending time with us!